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Version 1.3
Last Updated 10.12.2012
File type zip - 29.64 kB zip
Downloaded 4432 hits
Requires WP Version WP 3.0 / Mingle Forum
Compatible up to: WordPress 3.5 / Mingle Forum
Categories Wordpress
Licence Free (GNU General Public License)


Attention! This is not a plugin but modify the design of the plugin.
To use this mod must first have installed the Mingle Forum Plugin.
Official website of Mingle Forum Plugin > Download Mingle Forum

Auto Compatibility with BuddyPress – My Profile, User Profile, Edit Profile, Auto posting on the wall a new topic and reply. Disadvantage – Themes and publish all responses, even in User Groups!
Attention! BuddyPress to work properly for this forum have to adjust Mingle Forum / Options> Username Display: user_login
Automatic compatibility for CubePointscella should download this for CubePoints . Extract and place here …/wp-content/plugins/cubepoints/modules Then you need to activate CubePoints/Modules/Mingle Forum [nggallery id=47] For more information visit the official website Compatibility for Fancybox pop images All skins DDart support this mod! Find it all here Оld version Download 1.2.1 Оld version Download 1.2 Оld version Download 1.1.1 Download the files and unzip them on your computer. Then using FTP to replace the existing files. …/wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum

This mode was added in UserOnline info center. To do this you must first install WP-UserOnline

Mod_for_UserOnlian - 187 hits
All skins DDart support this mode
If you use Skin default or other skin but want to use the modification can download this file it has the necessary icons and images. As revised files wpf.class.php and wpf-insert.php. With this mod your skin will get icons and will be compatible with BP and with CubePoints. Mod icon for MingleForum - 290 hits
Unzip the file to your computer using FTP copy and paste all files from Icon_Pac_MingleForum_Mod_DDart folder in your skin in this folder …/Your Skin /images Both file wpf.class.php and wpf-insert.php must be replaced with the existing .. /wp-content/plugins/mingle-forum

Version 1.2.1

  • Compatibility release for WordPress 3.5

Version 1.2.1

    • Buttons Edit/Remove/Quote are now the same line as Topic /Date.

Version 1.2

    • Auto Compatibility with BuddyPress – Profile, User, Edit User, Auto posting on the wall a new topic and reply. Disadvantage – Themes and publish all responses, even in groups chasnite!
  • Automatic compatibility for CubePoints cella should download this for CubePoints . Extract and place here …/wp-content/plugins/cubepoints/modules Then you need to activate CubePoints/Modules/Mingle Forum For more information visit the official website
  • Added compatibility for Fancybox pop images
  • Was added to each post Permalink
  • Improving the design
  • And many small things

Version 1.1.1

    • Some things are not translated. fixed
  • The icon disappeared after installation of Mingle WordPress Plugin – fixed

Version 1.1

    • modification has been updated for the new version of Mingle
  • Аre added and more useful things as well as a beautiful vision

Version 1.0

    • BB Code is added to align text and images, is also added BB Code for text size.
  • Ability to support different icons from the skin.
  • Simple layout.
  • Removed small bug

[nggallery id=23]


  1. ron

    5 септември 2012

    Hello! i followed the instructions as indicated. However, nothing happens when i post on the forum. No points is added. There were no errors during the process. the installation of the mod and the cubepoints module plus activation was made. Despite those, nothing happens. I’m not using buddypress by the way. i’m using another theme and cubepoints works fine there. The only problem is, forum posts doesn’t add points. please help. Thank you very much.

  2. Профилна снимка на tt


    6 септември 2012

    I will try to help you!
    First I want to know if you put CubePoints Modules for Mingle Forum right. Dec. upload your images, the way it should be … This should work for all kinds of themes will be whether or not BP!

    Also if possible send me a link to your site to look.

  3. Malte

    16 ноември 2012

    Hey ddart,

    thanks for this great plugin. Today a new version of Cube Points was released. Your plugin still works, but the text strings „Topic Reply“ or „New Topic“ aren’t displayed anymore next to the points. A new version would be excellent.


    • Профилна снимка на tt


      17 ноември 2012

      Hey Malte,
      Thanks for sharing this error.
      I’ll see what happens when relevant to fix it has released a new mod :)

    • Профилна снимка на tt


      19 ноември 2012

      I installed the new version of CubePoints and found that you have to put a Modules for Mingle Forum in .../wp-content/plugins/cubepoints/modules. Then Check whether activated> CubePoints>Modules/Mingle Forum. And it works for me.
      I’ll expect your answer to know if it works for you.

      • Mike

        17 май 2013

        Hello, can you take a look at my forum, the problem I am having is that the little part where it says „Your last visit was:“ it always stays January, 1970

        It never updates.. why is this???



      • Профилна снимка на tt


        18 май 2013

        This is the default date when published the first post that would be fine.
        Also make sure that you set the correct settings for time and date
        Set the time you both places 1> Settings> General / Time Format
        2> Mingle Forum> General Options / Format date

        I expect your reply to know what is the result.

      • Профилна снимка на tt


        18 май 2013

        Write me a private message email
        if you can make me admin the site for you so I can see what you get this and get it fixed.

  4. Paul

    14 май 2013


    I love your themes, great work!

    Do your mods works with the latest versions of WordPress 3.5.1, Buddypress 1.7 and Cube Points version 3.2.1?

    I guess the plugin author for Cube Points has not updated the plugin?


    • Профилна снимка на tt


      14 май 2013

      Works without problem! I’m here with the latest versions of BP and WP and work without errors

  5. Paul

    14 май 2013

    Okay.. I was hoping that would be the case, but I thought I read somewhere that there were problems with integrating the latest Cube Points with Buddypress 1.7?

    I love your theme.. so if the mods are anything like your themes, I know this is going to be good! :)


  6. Paul

    14 май 2013

    Hello again

    I’m not sure I understand what this means? „Disadvantage – Themes and publish all responses, even in User Groups!“

    Can you explain this to me?


    • Профилна снимка на tt


      14 май 2013

      It’s that publishes all forum posts even if they are hidden or private.You need to upgrade all mods and skins for quite some time but do not have time for this.

  7. Paul

    14 май 2013

    Oh, okay.

    I can’t seem to get this to work anyway. I tried but something must be wrong. Plus it changed the look of the forum and I would really like it to stay the way it looks now.

    Do you have time to look at it?

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